dji drone

DJI Phantom 3 drone

I bought this from Amazon for approx £350. Never used a drone before or any UAV before, however after reading reviews and watching videos I understood that DJI drones are the most user friendly drones to fly with superb picture quality

The standard drone has a 1080p60 capable camera which is find for my needs, simply download DJI Go from the app store and register the drone to your DJI account and you are ready to fly.

I spent some time going though the DJI tutorials and various online tutorials to familiarise myself with the basic operation and what to look out for.

For safety, I took it to the local park so that I could test flying in an open, unobstructed space without the fear of crashing or hitting people.

I have since had many successful flights – and 1 mild crash into a washing line.

These are the cheapest DJI drones and are a perfect starting point for an introduction into the world of drones. I have been able to capture great videos from a unique vantage point that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

You can buy this drone or the newer smaller DJI Mavic drone direct from DJI here.