RSD Spark 38

DJI Spark – The smallest DJI drone available!!!

DJI just launched their smallest drone yet, the DJI Spark.

From the initial promo videos, the drone looks really easy to use – as expected with dji – small, light, portable and powerful for everyday video recording.  I don’t have any 4K monitors yet so the lack of 4K does not bother me.

The DJI Spark has a stabilised gimbal offering amazing stability even in windy conditions.  There are several flight option presets including the popular drone shot with the drone flying backwards away from the subject whilst elevating.

The size is incredible for such a powerful drone, it has multiple sensors that are lacking on other similar sized or larger drones, can be controlled without the official controller using a smartphone and can also be guided using hand gestures.

the DJI Spark will cost about £519 (GBP) and will start shipping in June.  If you have not owned a drone before, this looks like the ideal drone for you.

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