Best host for wordpress – updated


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In my previous post regarding the best host for wordpress I mentioned 3 hosts, all of which I was actively using at the time.  After spending a bit more time with each host I have a favourite.  SmartHosting (also known as BestHosting) offer the best value, starting at £2.49 per month for unlimited addon domains.  It is a good starting point – that is where I started.  I have now moved onto the reseller package which is a very reasonable £8.99 per month – the advantage is that each domain is no longer an addon (can be if you want it to) but each domain can have its own cpanel account.  This is advantageous if you wish to upgrade in the future and creates an easier flow in the settings.  My previous host charged more than double than SmartHost and the service was the same.

I have had some issues where I was not familiar with settings etc and their tech support has been very good, working all hours.  They offer very reasonable domain prices and SSL certificate prices.

I have still maintained my accounts with the other hosting companies mentioned but this is now my main host.

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