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WordPress HTTP image upload error fix

WordPress HTTP error fix

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Being fairly new to WordPress, I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it has been to get a site going with relatively few issues.  Unfortunately this morning I experienced an issue I had not seen before.

I was writing a blog post on another site and I needed to upload some images, simple process, add image box with my page builder (Elementor) and simply click upload image.  Unfortunately I had an very unwelcome message:

http error wordpress

I had no idea what this meant and what the issue was.  I tried again with a different file, same thing.  I tried clearing cache as that can sometimes cause issues but still the same thing.

I eventually found the solution and it is very easy to fix the HTTP image error.

  1. Login to your webhosting cPanel dashboard (assuming you have the most common Linus hosting)
  2. Use the File Manager tool to navigate to the WordPress installation directory (usually public_html)
  3. Locate the .htaccess file.  You may need to change the settings in File Manager (top right corner) to show hidden files (dot files).
  4. Add the following line of code to the top of the .htaccess file: SetEnv MAGICK_THREAD_LIMIT 1
  5. Save the changes to the .htaccess file and refresh the page.

After a page refresh, I was able to upload as normal.

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