Magento errors

I had issues with a new installation of Magento CE for a test store:

Fatal error: Class ‘Zend_Log’ not found in /home/MyStoreName/public_html/shop/app/code/core/Mage/Core/functions.php on line 247

I set up this domain with the minimum package, I changed the package to a larger package from my cpanel reseller hosting control panel and it did the trick.  There is another fix where the files from /var/sessions can be deleted but there was no var folder.

The other issue I had was during the configuration after installing, the domain was a new domain extension not a standard .com etc, I could not save the e-mail address in the e-mail config, the fix was found here:

File: lib/Zend/Validate/Hostname.php
protected $_validTlds = array(…), line 136.
Add ‘xxx’ to the end of the array.

xxx is the domain extension.  Just download the file, add the domain extensions and upload.

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