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CSV File issues fixed – MS Excel

I was working with a WordPress plugin and I needed to import a load of products, no problem there is a CSV import option. I tediously went through the products and entered them into a file, saved as CSV and uploaded.  Unfortunately, the file was not recognised as nothing was imported. I tried entering the…

Software Tips

Switch off BitDefender SSL

Sometimes you may experience issues with websites appearing as not secure or other issues with security eventhough they are secure and have  a valid SSL.  I found that switching off BitDefender SSL solves this as this feature scans for the sites’ SSL and BitDefender will use it’s own if there is no SSL – or…

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Remove sidebar and make shop pages wider with Astra WordPress theme

I had an issue with the Astra wordpress theme and my Woocommerce store pages. I was stuck with a sidebar that I wasn’t using. Astra sent me the following code to remove the sidebar: add_filter( ‘astra_page_layout’, ‘no_sidebar_shop_page’ ); function no_sidebar_shop_page( $sidebar ) { if ( is_shop() ) { $sidebar = ‘no-sidebar’; } return $sidebar; }…

Software Tips

Method 2: Windows 10 start button stuck

I have had this issue occur again in Windows 10, I am trying my original solution as I type this but there is another possible solution I found here   Method 2 Go to Start menu button and right click on it. This will open the contextual menu, after which you need to select Command Prompt…

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