Instant Images for WordPress – server permissions

I read about a great plugin called Instant Images for WordPress that makes blogging a little easier.  A blog post without a featured images looks a little naked and unfinished.  Trawling around free images sites takes time, especially when you want to write a quick post and get it up asap.

Instant Images is a free plugin that allows you to search and import images straight from the Unsplash.com royalty free image library.

It has a few negative reviews but that is due to incorrect permissions on the image upload folder.  A very simple and quick fix.

Simply use file manager or any FTP software, navigate to:


Click on the folder labelled instant-images and change the permissions from 3-4-1 to 7-5-5 – quick and easy and works great.

Using the classic WordPress editor, there is a new button visible above the tools called Instant Images where you can quickly add images to a post.  Alternatively, you can go to the Media tab and add images there.

There is a setting gear cog that allows you to set the dimensions which are very important as the images on Unsplash are very high resolution.

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