Free Resources for Lockdown UK

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused most countries across the world to pretty much shut down. With families and workers stuck at home, some companies have generously (in exchange for lovely data) offered free resources for entertainment, home learning and other useful activities to keep you occupied. This is not the ultimate list but a range…


How to disable traction control on a Prius

With reported snow on the way in the UK and several weeks of cold icy weather due, I was looking around for Prius winter driving tips.  One topic kept coming up, the lack of a switch to disable traction control on the Prius. What is traction control? Traction control is a safety feature which helps…


Best place to park on your street – interactive map

I found this today and it seemed interesting, it is a tool to check local car crime hotspots.  Just enter your postcode for local stats. It can be found on the Co-Operative insurance hub site here Purchase a car camera with a direct battery hardwire connection kit to wake the camera if the car is…


Cap guns and cap gun caps

Looking for cap gun caps? I have bought from eBay but I bought some from and a new metal cap gun, free quick delivery and a few different makes. Don’t see them in the shops anymore.


Dell XPS 8700 adding hdd

Ordered one of these and whilst searching for reviews found this: The biggest stumbling block was that Windows didn’t recognize the second hard drive I was trying to install. No matter which SATA port I used, it didn’t register in Windows. In fact, it seemed only the first two ports worked and if I…

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Bluetooth Barcode scanner Inateck BCST-10 and Inateck BTA-CSR4B5 problems

I could not get my Inateck BCST-10 barcode scanner to sync with the Inatack BTA-CSR4B5 USB bBluetoothadapter.  Inateck support suggested uninstalling the drivers and installing the adapter as a generic bluetooth adapter.  Unfortunately ,that did not work for me.  It seems that this is a problem with this particular bBluetoothchipset as this forum post shows….