camtasia audio issues fix

Camtasia audio problem – easy fix

Camtasia 9 has been my go-to video creation software for a few months now, I was using Adobe Premiere Pro CC but that has a higher learning curve and for someone who only creates the occasional video, it makes sense to use Camtasia to start with.

Having said that, I noticed an issue with Camtasia that I had not noticed since I started using it.  All of my previous videos were made up of video footage and a music file, pretty straightforward.

I noticed the Camtasia audio problem with speech files and not the usual music tracks.  I had a voiceover file made and was given the file in MP3 format, never had an issue before and did not envisage any issues.

Upon importing the file into Camtasia and splitting the voice file as required, I noticed the issue during playback.  Some parts of the track would be skipped and some parts would be repeated.  I tried deleting and re-adding the audio clips and tried to export again and I still had issues.

Camtasia audio issues fix

I searched for the solution and found that this is a common or known issue with Camtasia, since Camtasia 8.  There is no official fix as Techsmith state that Camtasia works best with WAV files encoded to 44100 Hz 16-bit stereo.  My files were encoded to MP3 22050 Hz and this was causing the issue.

The solution requires the original audio file being converted using software such as Audacity which is available free here.

Simply install and launch Audacity.  Import/open your audio file.

Camtasia Audio Issues solution fix

Then simply export as WAV file

Camtasia Audio Issues solution fix

Then use the new WAV file and you will find that the audio is working as it should.

This is not an ideal fix to Camtasia’s audio issue but is a simple workaround and the solution doesn’t cost anything.

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