Youtube price increase on iOS devices

YouTube Premium Price Increase on iOS devices

I tried YouTube premium for the first 3 months since release, the renewal price was £11.99 (UK price) for YouTube premium with Youtube Music.  I cancelled after the free trial and went back to standard free YouTube. 

I didn’t expect to miss the ad-free experience and background audio available with YouTube premium.

After a few days of using standard YouTube, I was desperate to get back on to Premium.  To my surprise, the price was £15.99 when using the YouTube iOS app or Safari on my iPhone.

I Googled YouTube price increase to see what was going on and found that Google decided to charge the extra amount only to iOS users as Apple would be taking a cut of the price.

To get around this, I used the Chrome browser on my iPhone and signed into my Google account.  The price was the standard £11.99 – happy days!

I still think this is too much as YouTube Music is not optional, I would prefer to pay less and not have YouTube Music but this is not an option unfortunately.

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that offers various benefits to its users. One of the most common questions people have is about the cost of YouTube Premium in the UK. Currently, YouTube Premium offers two pricing tiers – £11.99 and £15.99. The reason for the price difference is that the latter includes YouTube Music Premium as well. So, if you wonder why your YouTube Premium costs £15.99, it’s because you have access to both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.

Recently, there has been a price increase in the UK for YouTube Music, which might have led to the increase in the overall YouTube Premium price. However, it’s important to note that this higher price also brings added benefits, such as ad-free viewing, background play, and offline downloads across both YouTube and YouTube Music.

For iOS users in the UK, the cost of YouTube Premium remains the same, starting at £11.99. This means that iOS users can enjoy all the features and benefits of YouTube Premium without any additional cost.

In summary, the cost of YouTube Premium in the UK starts at £11.99, but for £15.99, users can access both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. The recent price increase in YouTube Music might have influenced the overall price. However, the additional benefits provided by YouTube Premium make it a worthwhile investment for those who enjoy uninterrupted ad-free and offline viewing experiences.

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