Youtube price increase on iOS devices

YouTube Premium Price Increase on iOS devices

I tried YouTube premium for the first 3 months since release, the renewal price was £11.99 (UK price) for YouTube premium with Youtube Music.  I cancelled after the free trial and went back to standard free YouTube. 

I didn’t expect to miss the ad-free experience and background audio available with YouTube premium.

After a few days of using standard YouTube, I was desperate to get back on to Premium.  To my surprise, the price was £15.99 when using the YouTube iOS app or Safari on my iPhone.

I Googled YouTube price increase to see what was going on and found that Google decided to charge the extra amount only to iOS users as Apple would be taking a cut of the price.

To get around this, I used the Chrome browser on my iPhone and signed into my Google account.  The price was the standard £11.99 – happy days!

I still think this is too much as YouTube Music is not optional, I would prefer to pay less and not have YouTube Music but this is not an option unfortunately.

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