Google Account Sign In Issues

I have had an issue that has been bugging me for the past couple of days. Every time I tried to login into one of my other Google accounts, after entering the username, the password page would just refresh back to the username page. Google support was pretty unhelpful – I got the standard, delete…


Toyota Prius Plugin Type 1 to Type 2 Cable

I am new to electric vehicles was not completely clear on the cable standards, charging options and overall practicalness of owning a Plugin Hybrid vehicle. The Prius Plugin 2014-2016 is based on the generation 3 shape of the Toyota Prius, I think it looks ok but I know it is not universally appreciated. The Prius…


YouTube Premium Price Increase on iOS devices

I tried YouTube premium for the first 3 months since release, the renewal price was £11.99 (UK price) for YouTube premium with Youtube Music.  I cancelled after the free trial and went back to standard free YouTube.  I didn’t expect to miss the ad-free experience and background audio available with YouTube premium. After a few…


Asus MG28UQ 4K monitor

I was on the lookout for a new monitor as I needed more desktop space and the old LCD TV I was using as my second monitor was breaking down.  I wasn’t sure about 4K as I read that there are still issues with software such as the Adobe suite not being able to resize…

Hosting | Ramblings

Webhosts merging and lack of competition

I stuck with the same webhost for over a decade, small webhost with good prices and good personal support.  Very few problems, I only recall 2 major issues in the whole time I was with them.  Then they collapsed – the server my reseller account was on died and there was no backup plan.  A…

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