Prius Plugin Type 1 to Type 2 Cable

Toyota Prius Plugin Type 1 to Type 2 Cable

I am new to electric vehicles was not completely clear on the cable standards, charging options and overall practicalness of owning a Plugin Hybrid vehicle.

The Prius Plugin 2014-2016 is based on the generation 3 shape of the Toyota Prius, I think it looks ok but I know it is not universally appreciated.

The Prius Plugin has a plugin port which is knows as Type 1, that is with 5 pins.  The car is supplied with a 3 pin (UK) plugin “dolly” cable with a transformer?? at one end to plug in to your home supply.  The Type 1 port is under the silver chrome petrol style cap.

The cap is quite nice, when you press to release, a small light comes on 🙂  Simply plug the cable into the car and plug in to the mains supply and the car will start charging – indicated by an orange plug light directly above the port.

The problem is, when you are out and about, most of the supply points are type 2 and not 3 pin.  Some are still 3 pin such as at Heathrow Airport but I have noticed that they are all moving over to Type 2 and Rapid Charger.

Type 2 charge is a 7 pin connector, not compatible with the Prius Plugin but you can buy a cable with type 2 at the supply end and type 1 at the car end.

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The cable I purchased is this one, it cost me £125 which was around the going rate at the time.  I read the reviews and it seemed like a good quality robust cable.  I was tempted to go for a longer cable than the standard 4.5m as I had pictures of being caught short if the plugin port is on the opposite side of the charger.  This has only happened once since I have owned my car and was resolved by placing the cable on top of the car.

If you have a larger vehicle you may want to consider the 7.5 or 10m cable but remember that these will require more storage space and will be heavier.  The Prius Plugin has a small compartment in the boot for the supplied cable and plenty of space for this cable plus a 5m waterproof 3pin extension cable I made – never had to use it.

Read my post on practical tips living with a Prius Plugin.  I am not overly exuberant about cars but I have enjoyed my experience so far with my Prius Plugin Hybrid electric vehicle (Prius PHEV). (Coming soon)

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