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ASUS DisplayWidget not working in Windows 10

I just bought a shiny new Asus MG28UQ 4k 28″ monitor, set it all up, tried to install the Asus DisplayWidget V1.1 from the supplied CD and it didn’t work after installation.  I had a look online and found the link to the file, downloaded what I thought was the new version and still no job.  After double clicking, the software just crashes and does nothing.

I found a solution in this forum with a link to a newer version of the software (ASU-_ASUS_DisplayWidget_3.0.4.005_RC2-Setup.exe) which appears to be from but I can’t see the link to the 3.x version directly on the Portrait site, the version is 1.1 at the time of writing (link).

The direct link to the post with the link to the software is here

Unfortunately, you need to register in that forum to be able to download the file but it works.

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