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Panasonic TZ100 (ZS100) – change to 30 and 60fps and increase 4K recording time

Having just purchased the Panasonic Lumix TZ100 compact camera I am initially impressed with the camera.  A few things I found disappointing, one I can fix with a simple bypass.

The initial default framerate is set to 25 and 50fps not 30 and 60fps.  Also, the max record time in 4K is only 15mins, this will increase it to 30mins – unfortunately AVCHD 1080p60 is still only 29:20.

How to increase Panasonic frame rate and 4k recording time

Luckily there is a simple key press bypass I found here on the DPReview forum:

Switching to test mode to have 30p/60p:

1. Switch OFF the camera

2. Put Mode Dial into P position

3. Press and keep DISP., AF/AE Lock and Right Cursor buttons. Switch power On

4. Press Playback button

5. Press and keep AF/AE Lock and Up Cursor buttons. Switch power Off. Black exclamation mark in yellow triangle will appear instead of Lumix logo. Your camera is in test mode now.

Reverting back to initial state:

1. Switch On the camera

2. Put Mode Dial in to P position

3. Press and keep MENU/SET and Right Cursor buttons. Switch power Off

4. Initial Settings screen will appear

5. Press DISP. button

6. Press Right Cursor button and Right Cursor button again

7. Lumix logo will appear. Your camera is in initial state now.

Note, that in test mode your camera does not recognized by Windows PC for unknown reason (for me). Don’t worry. Use any card reader and PhotofunStudio to transfer your pictures to PC. PhotofunStudio recognizes SD card structure and transfer all images, videos, time lapse pics, etc properly.

The camera has been great so far, as with other cameras of this size there is no grip but I have found a few other bits which can be stuck on to add grip.

I will post a video and screenshots in another post.

This camera is officially DMC-TZ100EBK (Black) UK and EU, also known as ZS100 in USA and TZ110 in Australia and parts of Asia.

I had my heart set on the Sony RX100M4 or RX100M5 but the 4K recording time was even more limited and there is no touch screen, plus this camera has a 10x zoom which is very useful on days out.  Overall the specification on this camera suited me, the Sony RX100 range is the premier camera in this compact camera market but lacks the zoom and touch screen.  I am not a vlogger so the flip screen is not an issue.

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