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Windows 7 Updates stuck! Cannot download Windows 10

I had an issue with an older PC and Windows 7 updates.  I had previously tried to update to Windows 10 last year by the standard download and upgrade route, unfortunately, it refused to activate.  I had to format and start again in Microsoft Windows 7 Pro.

I decided to try again this week as the deadline is next week so I tried the updater, unfortunately, it got stuck and did not download any updates.  I followed various methods, tried windows update trouble shooter, downloaded various Microsoft patches but nothing worked.

I found a solution that worked for me, I found this thread at superuser which had a link to WSUS Offline Updater software.  After downloading the current version 10.07 (dated 15/07/16), I selected the x64 version and allowed the software to download and patch my pc.

After completed the operation which took maybe 10 mins, I expected to be asked to restart but I wasn’t.  I manually rebooted anyway and there was no configuring updates splash screen as there sometimes is so I wasn’t sure if the update worked.  I clicked on Windows 10 icon on the task bar but it said error, cannot restart.  I went to windows updater instead and the only option was to upgrade now, restart.  It restarted and I am glad to say that the process completed and I now have an activated Windows 10.

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