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Sage Line 50 – Windows 10 error: Unable to register datasource

After reinstalling Windows on to my PC I noticed that I could not get Sage Line 50 2009 accounting software to load up sample or company data files.

After searching I found that there is an issue related to the Windows 10 Anniversary updates.  The fix is simple luckily, head over to Ask Sage and download the fix here.


To resolve this issue, you should download and install the Sage Accounts – Microsoft .Net Update.

    1. Click the download link:

Depending on your browser, the file downloads automatically or you’re prompted to open or save the file.

If prompted, click Save, then save the file to your Windows desktop. If you receive a message asking you to keep or discard the file, click Keep.

  1. Double-click the downloaded file.
  2. When you receive the message ‘Press any key to exit’, press any key.
  3. Restart your computer then open Sage Accounts.

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