Notepad++ Quick Commands

I use Notepad++ daily as a Windows NotePad replacement.

Mostly because I am too lazy to save all the notes and Notepad++ auto-saves everything.

I have recently been experimenting with the commands to perform tests that I would usually Google a solution to.

Remove numbers from list

To quickly remove the first numbers from a numbered list for example:

    1. First item
    2. Second item
    3. Third item

    You want to make it

    First item
    Second item
    Third item

    Press CTRL+H or go to Find/Replace

    Enter this regex code in Find what and Replace with:

    ^[0-9]*\.\ (.*)
    notepadplusplus find replace numbers

    Make sure you select Regular expression at the bottom, then hit Find Next to test or Replace/Replace all to do the work.

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