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UK SSD Reseller Hosting

There are plenty of UK hosts offering reseller accounts whether cpanel or custom panel.  I have had accounts with 6 in the past 2 months alone!  There does not seem to be a single perfect host (within an affordable price range) but most now offer SSD at a minimum.

I have just signed up with a new host,  A host that I have never used before and I associated with Counter Strike game servers from many years ago rather than affordable web hosting.

I had a look at their standard webhosting offers and reseller options.  Their cheapest reseller package is £7.99pm + vat if paid for 12 months upfront at £95.88 + vat (£115.06).  The monthly option is £9.99 and 6 months (don’t see this much) £8.99.

The mini package is 25GB SSD, 1000GB bandwidth and 50 separate cpanel accounts.  I was considering the next package up with 50/2500 and unlimited cpanel for £187.06inc vat per year but I will take advantage of the 45 day trial and try to push the server with some heavy wordpress sites to see if it performs well.

I had a chat with sales, Lets Encrypt SSL is not included yet and R1soft backup is extra but they do backup every other day.  For wordpress I use plugins anyway but it is good to have daily backups – especially if you are actually a reseller which I am not.

Having only just signed up, I can’t say how good the servers are, I will post an updated review of sorts in a few weeks of Jolt.


I needed free SSL certificates for my mini sites as paying £10-20 wasn’t worth it as they were not ecommerce sites.  Jolt said that they can enable AUTOSSL for Cpanel and thus offer free SSLs!

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