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I have several posts on UK web hosting with mentions for a few that I have accounts with.  I hadn’t dabbled with USA hosting as I did not have a need to look outside the UK but I had a look around and came across WebhostPython.

The package I have is the SSD Python B Reseller account with 300GB SSD storage, unlimited domains, 50TB bandwidth, free SSLs and more  The interesting feature for me was what they call Venom Power – 30x faster.  What is this then?  LiteSpeed enterprise, LiteSpeed cache, Samsung enterprise SSDs and so on.

Does this make a difference?  At the moment it is too early to say but from a wWordPressinstallation, setup, plugin installation and general speed – it is very fast!  Faster than any of my UK hosts!  How can that be, the servers are so far away?

I have several test sites setup but nothing with substantial content or traffic, just a few testers.  I have had to contact support a few times to help me with issues I created myself, they were very responsive and had me going very quickly.

I have no idea how big they are but I don’t want them to get big too quickly as the servers are working well for me – maybe a bit selfish of me.

They also have well-priced web hosting accounts, VPS and dedicated servers.  I have not ventured into the latter yet but I will do at some point.

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