Iphone not connecting to PC or syncing with PC

I had an issue with my Apple iPhone 6 Plus not syncing with my Windows 10 PC, I was trying to backup my phone but it would not sync in Itunes.  The phone was recognised by the PC as I was able to access the DCIM photos folder.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Itunes and rebooting but still no joy.

I found the solution here

There are a few options but the one that worked for me and the only method I tried was as follows:

Uninstall iTunes from a Windows PC

Through Control Panel on your PC, uninstall the following programs in the order shown:

  1. iTunes
  2. Apple Software Update
  3. Apple Mobile Device Support
  4. Bonjour
  5. Apple Application Support. (If two versions are listed, remove both.)

When all the programs have been uninstalled, reboot your computer and then reinstall iTunes.

After following the steps and installing each item individually I restarted and all of my iPhones 4S, 5C and 6S were recognised.

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