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Hullomail not working when switching from Three to EE

I switched from Three after a few years of decent service to EE – mainly for the superfast 4G which is quite a step up from Three.

I use the popular Hullomail service to handle my missed calls and call notifications, very handy service as they send notifications via popup and e-mail.  There are 3 tiers, free, premium and busimess – the premium offers the best value for me.  Business includes Scribe which send the voice mail in a text or e-mail.

The issue I had is I was missing calls when I was on the phone and when I wasn’t, they were going straight to Hullomail.

I tried using my same activation and deactivation numbers stored by Hullomail starting **004*00443300mailbox# but that didn’t seem to work.

Today I found that there are some new MMI codes for EE I need to enter:

**61*0044mailboxnumber*11# for forwarding when no reply

**62*0044mailboxnumber*11# for forwarding when not reachable

**67*0044mailboxnumber*11# for forwarding when busy

Also if you add directly after 11 the following *tt# – the tt represents the divert time max 30 seconds i.e. *30#

Hope this helps you if like me, you couldn’t figure out what was going on.

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