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Windows 7 Admin permissions

After new installation of Windows 7 folders and files were locked and admin permission was required even though account in use was admin.  Work around:

First switch of UAC – user account control.

Technet forum

Here’s how I edit the C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts file.
It gave “You don’t have permission to save in this location..but I solved it in this way:
1. Right click on the file. In my case, “hosts”
2. Select Properties -> Security.
3. Click “Edit” to change permissions. If you only find:

  • System
  • Administrators (yourComputerNameAdministrators)
  • Users(yourComputerNameUsers)

You need to click “Add..”, where you “Enter the object names to select”:

  • userName (Simply the name you see when you login to Win7)

Click OK.
4. Return back to the list. Now you will see:

  • System
  • userName(yourComputerNameuserName)
  • Administrators (yourComputerNameAdministrators)
  • Users(yourComputerNameUsers)

Select userName(yourCompusterNameuserName from the above list, and then
Change the “Permissions for userName”:

  • Read & Execute (Allow)
  • Read (Allow)
  • Write (Allow)

Make sure you have the above allowed. Click OK.
5. Click OK and close the properties for the file.
Now you can edit the file!

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